Manifa Petroleum Services Company

Automated Tank Cleaning

General Information

Manifa Petroleum specializes its operations on industrial cleaning in vacuum removal of loose materials, sludge and liquids. Manifa Petroleum uses specialized equipment and renders comprehensive services from cleaning through waste collection and transportation by professional vehicles to safe disposal and recording of waste in compliance with the applicable environmental protection regulations.


General Information

The highlight of this automated fuel tank cleaning system, the value preposition we bring to client are,

  • The cleaning of the tank is performed at highest degree of environmentally clean process, personal safety, no messing of the environment as every operation is performed in close system
  • The system is safe as it does not require any person to enter the tank with protection from oil etc. This is NO-MAN ENTRY system. The person does not get into contact with oil at all. Safety of the person ensured
  • Fully automated & controlled through PLC systems ensuring operational safety
  • The operation recovers maximum oil from the sludge thus reducing the waste, saving of cost and protecting the environment while disposing the sludge
  • The operation is completed very fast compared to manual operation thus reducing the downtime of the tank

Manifa's technological and engineering base

Manifa introduces state of the art specialized equipment for cleaning process plants, production units and tanks, and removes hazardous waste from plants or premises. The employee's safety is guaranteed by high quality personal protection equipment which additionally contributes to the safety and comfort of work conditions.

We take pride in our well-trained and experienced personnel of long-standing service with all the jobs on all tiers manned with perfectly qualified specialists. Our employees have qualifications for work at heights with the use of rope access techniques, certified.


In association with an European company Manifa petroleum introduces Automated NO-MAN entry fuel tank cleaning system called, the BLABO system. This is a state of the art technological process of cleaning oil/hydrocarbon products storage tanks.

The system includes:

  • a set of mobile washing nozzles, installed inside a tank, which supply and distribute the oil-based washing fluid (cutting stock) inside the tank,
  • a suction module which removes the oil-suspended contaminants from the tank and feeds the suspension into the recirculation system,
  • a recirculation module which mechanically separates the contaminants oil suspension into a stream of recirculating oil-based washing fluid and a stream of concentrated solid contaminants,
  • a phase-separation module which separates the oil and solid particles phase from water which recirculates at the stage of washing the tank with water,
  • a nitrogen and heating steam generating module which provides nitrogen to be fed to the cleaned tank to intertize the atmosphere inside (displacing oxygen), and steam for a heat exchanger.


Manifa's technology partner in this service is an European service provider and complies with the following systems:

  • Quality Management System, as per the requirements of ISO 9001:2008
  • Environmental Management System, as per the requirements of ISO 14001:2004
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System, as per the requirements of OHSAS 18001:2007

in the area of:

  • cleaning and renovation of industrial facilities and premises,
  • waste safe disposal facilities operation.

All the work and operations are carried out in a safe manner posing no threat to human life and in compliance with globally accepted standards.

Manifa Petroleum can also rendering services of industrial cleaning in various sectors, whichinclude the following:

  • Vacuum cleaning of coaling facilities, bio-mass plants and boiler houses (work in hazardous zones and with the use of rope access techniques),
  • Automated high-pressure washing of heating elements in power boilers with the use of rope access techniques (e.g. water-walls and convection ducts washing etc.)
  • Dry preparation of auxiliary units for repair, cleaning of the following units: electrostatic precipitators (also using a wet method), combustion/furnace chambers, flue gas passes, heaters, boilers etc.,
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurement of pipelines, tanks and structural elements,
  • cleaning of storage tanks for oil/hydrocarbon products, chemicals, toxic substances followed by safe waste disposal,
  • Industrial cleaning and preparation for repairs of steel industry/metallurgical facilities (steel mills and rolling mills), foundries and coking plants.
  • Preparation of waste water treatment plants for repairs and renovations, open and closed tanks cleaning included.