Manifa Petroleum Services Company

Corrosion Engineering & Cathodic Protection

Our primary objective is to provide durable expert corrosion and rehabilitation solutions that are cost effective. The purpose of any solution developed by our team of experts is to minimise the risk of corrosion induced failure, while maximising the life of infrastructure. In association with an South African technology organization, our team has expertise in water, petro-chemical and Oil & gas industries. Continued product development provides problem-specific solutions for water, energy, marine, concrete, industrial and pipeline environments.

Our associate team comprises Professional Engineers and Technicians, with active NACE membership and Certification. For specialized electrical environments we comply fully with the relevant OHSA and SANS regulations or standards. The company had applied Cathodic protection to approximately more than 4000km of pipeline and provided numerous corrosion solutions to the oil, gas, chemical, water and aluminium industries.

Our work comprises comprehensive pipeline corrosion protection focusing on the following activities:

  • Cathodic Protection of Steel Pipelines and Structures
  • Coating and Lining assessment
  • Alternating Current (AC) Mitigation on Pipelines passing under AC Powerlines
  • Steel Structure Risk and Integrity Analysis


  • External surfaces of buried or submerged pipelines in a variety of industries like, water, oil, gas and chemical.
  • Internal surfaces of ducts, tanks and pipelines exposed to water or aggressive environments (acid, cold or hot water, various chemicals).
  • Steel piling and the reinforcing steel of concrete structures.
  • Rake arms of various process tanks ie: thickeners, settlers.
  • Marine - Oil platforms, ships, ballast tanks, jetties, piers, offshore pipelines and a variety of other steel structures exposed to harsh marine conditions.
  • Exposed bases of above ground tanks and external surfaces of tanks positioned below ground.


Services provided to industry include the following amongst others:

  • Cathodic Protection Consultancy and Inspection.
  • Project Management of Cathodic Protection Contracts.
  • Steel Structure Integrity Investigations. (Condition Assessment, Remaining Life, Repair requirements and risk evaluation)
  • Total Pipeline Rehabilitation consulting services:
    1. Relining
    2. Partial or total re-wrapping
    3. Cutting and replacing failed pipe sections
    4. Valve specification and rehabilitation
    5. Pressure testing
    6. Hydraulic evaluation and adjustment of operating parameters
    7. Commissioning and Hand-over
  • Specialised Anti-corrosion Contracting - Turnkey Project Management.
  • Coatings Consultancy and Inspection.
  • Maintenance and Monitoring of Cathodic Protection Systems.
  • Cathodic Protection System Audits/Evaluations - Status Quo.
  • Remote monitoring (telemetry) for Monitoring Applications.