Manifa Petroleum Services Company

Ship repair & maintenance

Manifa Petroleum in association with an international company offers Ship repairs with Global Competence.

The companyhasone of the largest ship repair facility in the private sectorwith highest repairsturnaround of over300vessels in five years.The yard is strategically located and is geographically best positioned to offer a range of comprehensive ship repair services. Itis one of the World's newest multi-dimensional and multi-purpose yards, offering modern, streamlined, sophisticated ship repair facilitiesand services.

Company today is a name to reckon with for its world class expertise to undertakerepairs for,

  • General Cargo Bulk Carriers,
  • Oil I Chemical I Gas Carriers,
  • Dredgers,
  • Tran shippers,
  • PassengersVessels,
  • Drill Rigs apart from Tugs, Barges, Floating Cranes and several Offshore Support Vessels

Functionally laid-out yard with a Wide range of Services

The Western India Shipyard Ltd., is functionally laid-out to keep repair times to a minimum, with excellent lifting and transporting equipment and all workshops positionedcentrally in relation to the dry docks and repair jetties.

The facilities and services combine a rich spectrum of marine engineering skillsand experience with its location easily accessible to all major shipping lines around,providing shipowners with a range of precisely tailored skillswide enough to handle even the most challenging tasks.

The expertise ship repair services and products cover a wide range such as :

  • Routine maintenance and damage repair
  • Cargo hold / tank blasting andcoating
  • Main engine overhaul
  • Rudder,propeller and tailshaft repair
  • Derrick boom overhaul
  • Auxiliary machinery overhaul
  • Repair of oil rigs and dredgers.

Technical Excellence

Technical excellence is the cornerstone of any shipyard and it requires specialisedskills,hours of dedication and training along with update technical knowledge. Company has drawn up a set of training priorities for its workmen and managers on qualitysystems which ensure success in every endeavour.